Therma-Flite SludgeBox, a Modular Biosolids Drying System

Protecting the environment is now more affordable than landfill option

Lower LCC
  • One of the lowest cost of ownership business cases available
  • Reliable lasting technology
  • LCC $40 / wet ton
Rapid Easy Deployment
  • Arrives pre-piped, pre-wired
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Installed and operating in 3-4 weeks
Smaller Compact Footprint
  • A smaller more compact foot-print of the proven BIO-SCRU system
  • Adaptable to customer facility and preferences
Modular and Portable
  • Containerized for intermodal transport
  • Delivered and mobile on five trucks
  • Relocatable
Turnkey Automated Solution for Producing Class “A” Biosolids
  • From cake feed hopper through final Class A Product discharge
  • Service options available
The SludgeBox can be fitted with a number of different tenting options based on customer preferences and climate conditions

Contact Information:
Phone: (904) 819-9170