Take the heat out of or put heat into; solids, sludge’s and slurry’s.

BIO-SCRU® Biosolids drying to “Class A” PFRP

Choosing the right drying system for your treatment plant is essential to maximizing cost efficiencies and reducing environmental impact. The BIO-SCRU® dryer system eliminates pathogens and reduces moisture content to 90% and volume to typically 20% or less. The BIO-SCRU® is a simple, easy to maintain dryer system, with a small footprint. The fully automated system insures exceptional product quality and safety. Sizes available from ½” to 8 tons per hr.

ELECTRIC-SCRU® Electrically heated, indirect screw processor

Using the latest in resistive element technology to heat the rotors and housing, the Electric-Scru processor can be zoned to accommodate the process temperatures and heat transfer rates required by the process. Typical units are two zone, but up to four zones can be incorporated into the design of larger units. Each zone can be programed to generate process temperatures of over 1200°F. Utilizing the zoning technology the feedstock is exposed to different rotor and housing surface temperatures as it is conveyed through the unit.

Typical uses include: Thermal Desorption, Drying, Calcining

HOLO-SCRU® Indirect heating or cooling with Thermal-Oil, Steam, Liquid Salts, & Water

With over two thousand installations worldwide, hollow screw processors are the most widely used and versatile thermal processors on the market. The Holo-Scru, screw heat exchanger consist of one or multiple heated screw augers in a heated housing. As the material is conveyed down the length of the unit, heat transfer occurs between the heated rotor/housing and the feed stock. The operating temperature is dependent on the heat transfer medium being used but typical is around 650F for heating and -30F for cooling.

Typical uses include: Heating, Cooling, Cooling and Drying

ASH-SCRU®  Indirect cooling of boiler ash

In a typical Holo-Scru® Cooler, hot ash and some inert material such as sand, discharge from the boiler to the screw cooler through the flooded inlet. The ash begins to cool immediately upon contact with the water-cooled surfaces of the screw and the housing. The cooling is indirect meaning the water does not come into contact with the ash. Ash cooling screws are typically designed to handle boiler ash with a screw entry temperature of up to 2000° F. Ash is typically cooled down to 400° F but can be cooled even lower if required.

Typical uses include: Bottom Ash and Fly Ash

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