General Description

The “Electric-Scru” Processor is a continuous heater/dryer specifically designed for low thermal desorption applications. Similar to the “Holo-Scru” Processor, the “Electric-Scru” Processor has the same basic function except that it uses electricity as the heating source, rather than hot oil or steam. The “Electric-Scru” Processor is an efficient way to indirectly thermally process bulk flowable materials such as contaminated soils and sludge’s. Unique to the “Electric-Scru” Processor is its patented use of electric heating element within the rotor and housing which generate process temperatures over 1000°F without the excessive volume of off-gases associated with direct-fired technologies. For safety and portability the “Electric-Scru” Dryer is fully insulated and can be skid mounted to facilitate on-site remediation. Depending on the application, the “Electric-Scru” Dryer is designed with single, double or quadruple rotors. 12” to 24” in diameter and can be supplied with purge fitting for injection of inert gas into the process chamber.

Electrical heating elements contained within the hollow core of the screws are operated to heat the screws evenly at a controlled rate. Thermocouples are installed at the discharge end of the processor, which measures the material temperatures at the specified location. The equipment is designed airtight with nozzles for possible injection of an inert gas such as nitrogen to limit the oxygen content.
The housing is totally insulated for minimal heat loss. An adequate number of vapor ports are installed in order to collect the off-gas emissions generated during system operation. Treatment of off-gas must remove particulates and contaminants using fabric filters and carbon adsorption procedures.
A hydraulic motor is installed at the feed end, drives the screws at a controlled rate. The motor is designed to have an adequate torque capacity capable of starting the screws even when it is loaded with material.

The material of construction exposed to heat and product is generally 304 stainless steel. The screw flights are generally equipped with 1/8” thick hardface overlay to minimize wear on the flights.
Therma-Flite can also manufacture the entire system consisting of twin-screw ribbon flight feeder equipped with a loading hopper as shown in the picture above. The entire feeder is mounted on load cells to monitor material flow. The heated material coming from the electric screw is transferred to a “HOLO-SCRU” Twin unit for indirect cooling. All three pieces of equipment are connected through a series of mating flanges designed for easy disconnect.

Soil Remediation:

  • Dry or Decontaminate sludge and soil onsite
  • Combat the high cost of incineration
  • Eliminate permit problems associated with incineration.
  • Meet EPA requirement
  • No after burning
  • No catalytic combustion
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to move and install
  • Heating capabilities run from 80 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can be built to be operated under a vacuum
Contact Information:
Phone: (904) 819-9170