Tank Bottom Sludge and Soil Remediation

Condense and recover hydrocarbons in one easy step

If storage tanks storing crude oil are not cleaned regularly, dirt, water and oily sediment at the bottom of the tank can be disturbed, and contaminate the contents. Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® desorption units heat residual material to 1,000-plus-degrees Fahrenheit, so that hydrocarbons and water vapor are condensed and recovered. These tank bottoms may also be discarded after they have been thermally treated to recover hydrocarbons. Multi-stage systems make the process even simpler by removing water in one unit, while removing hydrocarbons in a second.

There are Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® installations that have been in operation for more than 20 years processing tank bottom sludges and other feed stocks such as soil and catalyst fines

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