Drill Cutting Dryers process 1.5 to 500 tons per day with 99.5% hydrocarbon recovery

Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® thermal desorption systems volatilize and recover 99.5% of hydrocarbons from drilling mud. Oil, diesel and other synthetics are often used as lubricants in drilling for natural gas. After this mud is recovered and centrifuged, the slurry typically contains high levels of water, diesel, even crude oil.

Holo-Scru® processes can accept feed stock with hydrocarbon percentages greater than 70%, effectively collecting and condensing water, diesel and other hydrocarbon vapors. In applications such as natural gas drilling where diesel and water constitute the liquid phase, diesel is typically filtered, then resold or reused as a lubricant for future drilling. Therma-Flite units in operation in the U.S. process drill cuttings from shale drilling; This feed stock is generally 10% to 30% diesel, and 20% water. Recovery rates for diesel typically range from 97% to 99.5%.

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