At the heart of the Therma-Flite Bio-Scru sludge drying system is proven Holo-Scru screw type heat exchanger technology. Screw type heat exchangers have been used in bulk processing for the agriculture, chemical, construction and food industries for over 70 years. This versatile system is capable of processing everything from Apples to Zinc. Both reliable and customizable, Holo-Scure equipment is the world standard in indirect screw type heat exchange equipment.

The screw dryer technology has been used to dry a large variety of feeds ranging from slurry to high solids since the 1930’s and has been proven to be more efficient than convective drying technology. Though drying coal fines with the Holo-Scru dryer is still an emerging technique, vast improvements in the capacity, design and technology have made the Holo Scru coal fines dryer a cost effective means of recovering the energy value of coal fines in today’s economic and regulatory environment.

The Holo-Scru coal fines dryer contains 1, 2, or 4 rotors. The dryers’ heating is indirect with heat being added to the thermal fluid via heat exchanger. The heat typically comes from a coal or gas fired thermal fluid heater or boiler flue gas. Heat is removed from the thermal fluid when cooler coal fines come into contact with the steel plate that is being heated by the thermal fluid. The fluid is then returned and reheated.

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