High Pressure Product Chamber: Typical ash coolers operate at ambient pressure inside the product chamber but recent developments in boiler design often require product chamber pressures of 300 psig or higher. Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® ash coolers can be manufactured with jacketed tubular housings, and equipped with patented Shaft Rider Seals to maintain product chamber pressures of 300 psig or higher. This design can also incorporate a clam shell housing for ease of inspection and maintenance.

Large Diameter Multi Screw Ash Coolers: Larger boiler designs require larger ash handling capacities. Often single screw designs just can’t handle the required capacity. Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® ash coolers can be manufactured in single, twin and quad screw configurations with rotor sizes from 8 to 48 inches in diameter.

Replaceable Inlet Troughs:Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® ash cooler is water jacketed to increase the cooling capacity. The inlet section is manufactured as a removable section that can quickly be removed and replaced, reducing repair time and cost.

  • Environmentally Friendly & Economical Solution
  • Discharged Ash is Delivered as a Useful Product
  • Heat Energy can be Recovered from the Ash
  • Highly Dependable and Safe to Operate
  • Low Operational and Maintenance Cost
  • Does not Require Hydration of the Ash

How the Holo-Scru® Cooler Works:

In a typical Holo-Scru® Cooler, hot ash and some inert material such as sand, discharge from the boiler to the screw cooler through the flooded inlet. The ash begins to cool immediately upon contact with the water-cooled surfaces of the screw and the housing. The cooling is indirect meaning the water does not come into contact with the ash. Ash cooling screws are typically designed to handle boiler ash with a screw entry temperature of up to 2000° F. Ash is typically cooled down to 400° F but can be cooled even as lower if required


Replaceable Inlet Section:

The inlet section of the Holo-Scru® ash cooler is subjected to the greatest pressure and abrasion. In most instances, it is the first part of the ash cooler to erode. Often it will need to be replaced before significant wear is visible elsewhere on the rotor. The Therma-Flite Holo-Scru® ash cooler can include a removable and replaceable section of solid flight, which can be quickly removed and replaced, reducing repair time and maintenance cost.

Abrasive Resistant Hard Surfacing

: From weld on hard surfacing to thermal spray hard surfacing, Therma-Flite has developed the right materials to withstand the most abrasive ash.

Options Include:

  • Weld on Hard Surfacing,
  • Replaceable Armor Plating
  • Quick Change-Out Wear Components
  • Thermal Spray Abrasive Resistant Coatings

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